The Best Pet-friendly Indoor Plants

by | Mar 2020

Indoor plants that are pet-friendly.

Tillandsia Air Plant. Photo: Christina Timm

Discover pet-friendly plants for your home.

If you have pets, but still like the idea of having plants and adding greenery to your home, it’s important to find plants that are pet safe, as some plants are toxic to cats and dogs if ingested.

  • Prayer plant: This unique houseplant offers soft green hues with striking reddish pink lines. It has been named the prayer plant because of the shape of its new leaves, which resemble praying hands.
  • Tillandsia air plant: Soil isn’t needed for this plant, as it attaches its roots to other surfaces, like rocks, wood or other items. Under the right conditions, this plant produces a bloom.
  • African violet: This variety is great for adding color to your home through bright-colored blooms. It offers round, lush green leaves with a mound of blooms that rest on top.
  • Herbs: Herbs, like basil, sage, thyme and lavender, add fresh scents to your home and are great for cooking.

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