‘There’s No Noodles in Maple Grove,’ but Ichiddo Ramen is Trying to Fix That

by | Mar 2020

A bowl of ramen from Ichiddo Ramen in Maple Grove.

Photos: Rachel Nadeau

New to Maple Grove is Ichiddo Ramen, a popular Minnesota chain with locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Roseville and even Las Vegas, Nev.

It seems new ramen restaurants are popping up daily around the state—and we aren’t talking about the 25-cent ramen that you may have eaten during your college days. Traditional ramen consists of pulled noodles, served in a meat- or fish-based broth, topped with pork (or other meats) and vegetables and flavored with soy sauce or miso (a traditional Japanese seasoning). New to Maple Grove is Ichiddo Ramen, a popular Minnesota chain with locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Roseville and even Las Vegas, Nev.

Ichiddo serves meat-friendly, fish (fish and pork are especially popular in Japanese culture) and vegetarian options. Plus, with plenty of delicious appetizers, you certainly can’t go wrong. “There’s just no noodles in [Maple Grove],” says Ichiddo Ramen manager Louis Gao. “That’s why we opened a Maple Grove location; so [people can] try our ramen and have more food choices.”

Hailing from China, ramen, a word referring to the noodles, is one of the most popular dishes in Japanese culture. At Ichiddo, beef ramen and char siu (roast pork) ramen are the two most popular items—and both are served over a delicate pork broth that’s cooked slowly over 12 hours. And though meat-filled ramen is more popular than Ichiddo’s vegetarian options, Gao says that there’s still plenty of meatless options, including the vegetarian ramen and vegetable stir fry ramen.

Gyoza from Ichiddo Ramen

Ichiddo has several options when it comes to appetizers, as well. In Japanese culture, it’s appropriate to serve the appetizers with the entrée—according to the Ichiddo website, the appetizer is considered extremely special, since each different appetizer is served with its own unique homemade sauce. Calamari, edamame, short ribs and aged tofu are a few of the available options—but Gao says the most popular choices are gyoza and takoyaki.

If you’re looking for authentic flavors, Ichiddo is the place to go. Cabbage, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, black fungus, nori, kimchi and fried tofu are just some of the eastern toppings that can be added to ramen. Ichiddo is one of the only spots north of Minneapolis that serves donburi and yakitori.

“We really like Maple Grove,” Gao says. “[Although there is] the big mall and a lot of high-class restaurants, there’s no ramen. So, we are happy to bring ramen here.”

Food Notes

If you’re not a ramen restaurant regular, you might need a menu terminology primer, so you can order like a pro.

Black Fungus
Commonly available as cloud ear or wood ear mushrooms, added as a topping on ramen to provide a gelatinous texture without impacting the flavor.

Based off of Chinese pot stickers, a pan-fried dumpling (with a thin dough) filled with pork, vegetables and a house sauce.

Traditional Korean side dish made from salted and fermented veggies, such as Napa cabbage and Korean radish, made with seasonings.

Niku Soba
Hakata-style niko soba ramen with shoyu (soy sauce) and meat fat, topped with roast pork, vegetables and traditional seasonings.

Dried seaweed sheet used as a topping for ramen.

Pork Bun
Traditional Chinese steamed bun filled with lettuce, roasted pork belly, Japanese mayo and a house sauce.

Shredded char siu vs Shredded char siu donburi
Chinese roast pork, sliced as a topping for ramen (Donburi is similar but served in a rice bowl).

Japanese appetizer, similar to a dumpling, filled with fried octopus, Japanese mayo, tonkatsu (fried pork) and topped with bonito flakes (dried skipjack tuna).

Tan Tan
Chinese-Japanese hybrid soup—cold noodles in a spicy broth, topped with sliced cucumbers and char siu.

Japanese dipping ramen, typically using soba or udon noodles.

Japanese skewered chicken, using a steel or bamboo skewer and grilled over a charcoal fire.

Fried Rice from Ichiddo Ramen

What They’re Saying on Facebook

“The best ramen I’ve had outside of Japan!”—Ann

“Ichiddo is incredible! I highly recommend the crispy chicken ramen bowl and the chicken or pork buns. Doesn’t get any better than Ichiddo!”—Jer

“Had the niku soba ramen. So good! The best ramen broth I’ve ever had.”—Gretchen

“Friendly staff, quaint atmosphere and good food!”—Leona

Ichiddo Ramen
11716 Elm Creek Blvd. N.


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