Bountiful Bunnies

by | May 2021

Little girl feeding a pet rabbit through the gap in the cage. She is smilig with happiness letting the rabbit smell her hand.


Adopt a bunny—or learn more about your own.

During a year mostly spent at home, having a furry companion has become an even greater comfort for some pet owners. But in addition to time and care, dogs and cats can take up a lot of space. Looking for a smaller but no less companionable option? Local nonprofit Rabbit Rescue of Minnesota is hosting a bunny meet-and-greet and caretaking event from noon–2 p.m. on May 1 at Maple Grove’s Chuck & Don’s Pet Food & Supplies.

In addition to meeting the rescue’s available rabbits, guests interested in bunny adoption can discuss proper care, keeping and ownership with the rescue’s knowledgeable volunteers. The rescue will also offer $10 rabbit nail trims and $3 scent gland cleanings for currently-owned rabbits.

Chuck & Don’s Pet Food & Supplies
8115 Wedgewood Lane Suite 1

Rabbit Rescue of MN
Instagram: @rabbitrescueofmn


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