Plant Life Provides Lasting Cheer

by | May 2021

Flower Hanging decorations

Getting out into nature has been difficult this past year. Give the gift of spring cheer to those who could use it the most—seniors. Whether it’s your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents, show love with the thriving gift of green.

If possible, start outside with a ready-to-go patio pot for a front step or patio. Your local garden center will have many different sizes and combinations. Geranium combinations are great for sun, and New Guinea impatient combinations work in the shade. A 10-inch hanging basket is a great size to hang in small spaces, or remove the hanger and place the plant on an end table to beautify any space.

If the outdoors is not possible, bring nature inside. Blooming houseplants like cyclamen or African violets provide long-lasting blooms and wonderful foliage when blooms are spent. Kalanchoes or a succulent arrangement will continue to last for many months if lack of watering is a concern. Foliage houseplants like pothos, sansevieria and ZZ plants are very forgiving, as well. Use the hashtag #PlantGifts to show off your green gifts.

Contributed by Christina Timm, Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery


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