Bright Lights

by | Nov 2021

Arbor Lakes Christmas

Photo: Rod Smoliak

Resident offers tips for nighttime photography.

Arbor Lakes Christmas placed first in the Activities and Events category of our annual Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

It was taken early one evening at The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes with a Sony A7R4 camera with a 35mm lens by Rod Smoliak of Maple Grove. “I’ve always enjoyed nighttime photography, and Christmas lights can always make scenery so much more joyful,” he says.

To aid in nighttime photography, Smoliak recommends using a tripod and remote shutter for the camera. “Due to the darkness, you need to keep the shutter open longer for the exposure in order for the camera to capture enough light for the photo. The tripod keeps the camera still during the longer exposure, and the remote shutter keeps you from touching the camera while the shot is being taken.”

Smoliak also suggests capturing the image before it is completely dark. “This helps in being able to bring out more detail,” he says.


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