Focus on Maple Grove 2022 Photo Contest Winners

by | Sep 2022

Pelican With Fish

Photo: Rod Smoliak

It’s time to celebrate!

This August, we asked you to share your images of Maple Grove with us. In September, we asked you to pick your favorite for Readers’ Choice. Now, we’re pleased to celebrate the winners of our annual Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

Keep an eye out, these winners and participants may be featured in our Last Glace page in future print issues through 2023.

City Landmarks

1st Place

Title: Arrayed At Sunset by Andrew Gobran

Arrayed At Sunset by Andrew Gobran

2nd Place

Title: Winter Trail by Tracy Walsh

Winter Trail by Tracy Walsh

3rd Place

Title: Maple Grove Double Rainbow by Rod Smoliak

Maple Grove Double Rainbow by Rod Smoliak

People & Families

1st Place/Readers’ Choice

Title: Happy Bubbles by Molly Thiesse

Happy Bubbles by Molly Thiesse

2nd Place

Title: Sunset Sprinkler by Tracy Walsh

Sunset Sprinkler by Tracy Walsh


1st Place

Title: Little Pumpkin by Debra Bernard

Little Pumpkin by Debra Bernard

2nd Place

Title: Pawsome Friends! by Sarah Cupryna

Pawsome Friends! by Sarah Cupryna

3rd Place

Title: Sweater Weather by Debra Bernard

Sweater Weather by Debra Bernard

Wildlife & Nature

1st Place

Title: Storm clouds by Tracy Walsh

Storm clouds by Tracy Walsh

2nd Place

Title: Pelican With Fish by Rod Smoliak

Pelican With Fish

3rd Place

Title: Eagle Lake Barred Owl by Rod Smoliak

Eagle Lake Barred Owl by Rod Smoliak


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