Feather-Forward Fashion for the Holidays

by | Nov 2022

Nikki Steele wearing a pink dress with feather trim.

Fashion is particularly fun to think about around the holidays because there are plenty of social gatherings to dress up for. This holiday season, a trend to consider incorporating into your holiday attire is feathers.

Feathers bring plenty of added value to any style because of their unique texture, vibrant colors and flamboyant nature. There are plenty ways to incorporate them, but the most popular way to showcase them is through trim. Try feathers on the collar of a jacket, the cuff of a blouse or the edge of your pants. This use of detail elevates your look and provides a touch of sophistication.

A great way to dress the feathers down is to pair them with denim. You can do this with your favorite jeans, or style them in a subtle way by letting the feathers peek out from beneath a denim jacket. A great way to approach this is to find a strapless top because they are easier to layer, and the feathers will also be more functional from a comfort and visual standpoint.

Nikki Steele is a local stylist. To learn more about her expertise on shopping, fashion and travel, follow @nikkisteelestyle on Instagram.


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