Focus on Maple Grove: ‘Pure Joy and Unbridled Glee’ at Central Park

by | Sep 2020

A girl slides down a slide at Central Park in Maple Grove.

Photo: Greg Schaeffer

Greg Schaeffer’s photograph took first place in the city landmarks category of our Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

“I love to take photos of my kids on the big shiny metal slide at Maple Grove Central Park, which pulls triple-duty—it serves as a reflector to add fill light; it casts a nice reflection; and it resonates a terrific smile on the kids,” Greg Schaeffer says.

Sliding Down a Mirror at Central Park won first place in the city landmarks category of our annual photo contest. Schaeffer took the photo with a Canon 5D MII with a Canon 600EX-RT speed light, which was modified by a MagMod grid and MagSphere.

“The look on my daughter’s face of pure joy and unbridled glee” is Schaeffer’s favorite element of the photo. “I love taking photos of kids … I love the different genres, including longer exposure landscapes, nightscapes, light paintings with fluorescent tubes (Eric Pare style) and shooting professional and amateur golf,” he says.


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