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by | Jul 2020

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Let’s round up some favorite podcasts for inspired listening.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, probably more than your average listener. I tend to stick to the topics that interest me—stories, theatrics, design and science. I’m hesitant to label any of my favorites as “the best,” so I enlisted a little help from other members of the Maple Grove Magazine team, asking for a few of their favorites.

Podcast: On Being
Avg. Episode Length: ~ 50 minutes
Recommended by: Sarah Dovolos, art director
Krista Tippett reminds me a little of famed radio host Delilah as she talks with different guests about topics related to personhood, identity and spirituality. It’s a very intimate topic for a podcast and a bit too sentimentalist for my personal tastes, but there are some very interesting guests that may offer new points of view for self-reflection. Plus, it’s a local podcast, so there’s an element of homegrown support.
Where to start?: Language Carries More Than Words

Podcast: Heavyweight
Avg. Episode Length: ~ One hour
Recommended by: Rachel Nadeau, photographer
Do you have one of those friends who’s always trying to “fix” things? Host Jonathan Goldstein (a new resident of Minneapolis) is that person—but in the most entertaining way. This podcast follows him as he noses his way into people’s pasts and tries to right perceived wrongs. The first episode stars his father, and its mission is to reunite two estranged brothers.
Where to start?: 1 – Buzz

Podcast: Dolly Parton’s America
Avg. Episode Length: One hour
Recommended by: Allison Nolden, designer
I’ve heard a lot of wonderful stories about Dolly Parton, but my personal experience starts and ends with the song “Jolene.” This podcast digs much deeper, looking into how Parton has affected the country and its music and why she seems so universally beloved. You realize through these episodes that she somehow brings people together. Whether you’re a longtime fan or passive observer, there’s a lot of interesting info to unpack here. Her interjections are charming and fun—I might be a bit of a fan now!
Where to start?: At the beginning …


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