Focus on Maple Grove Photographer Says There Are ‘Opportunities Everywhere’

by | May 2020

A woman lounges on an inflatable donut in a pool.

Photo: Shane Stewart

A candid moment captures first place in our Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

Donut Laughs by Shane Stewart of Maple Grove won first place in our People and Families category for our annual photo contest. The photo was taken with a Canon 50D, 18-135mm lens.

“My daughter was swimming in our neighborhood pool on a particularly warm day,” Stewart says. “She was just goofing around, and the picture was taken when she wasn’t looking. I prefer candid pictures instead of posed ones since they tend to be more natural and capture the moment more genuinely.”

Stewart primarily shoots portraits but also enjoys landscapes/nature shoots, as well. He finds plenty of vistas in Maple Grove to act as the focus or backdrop to his photos. “There are so many great trails, bike paths and bridges that are available to residents of Maple Grove, and I have enjoyed many of them,” he says. “There are photo opportunities everywhere … particularly in the fall at Weaver Lake Park. The trees turn beautiful bright colors of red, yellow and orange, truly stunning—by far my favorite time of year.”


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