The Key Ingredients of Vietnamese Cuisine

by | May 2019

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Do you know your basic ingredients?

This article originally appeared as part of the story Family Af-fare in the May 2019 issue. For recommendations on what to drink with your Lotus take-out, click here.

Understanding a little bit more about the cuisine you’re eating makes any meal more enjoyable.

  • Vietnam is one of the largest exporters of rice worldwide. You’ll see it steamed, in vermicelli noodles, vinegars, cakes, patties and more.
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  • Known as nuoc mam, fish sauce is a staple ingredient that is made from salting and fermenting fish (traditionally anchovies) for a pungent umami flavor.
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  • Vietnamese cuisine is known for finishing dishes via a heaping pile of fresh herbs, like cilantro, basil, lime-leaf and shaved ginger or chopped scallions.

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