Make a Beautiful Garden with Minimal Effort with These Low-maintenance Plants

by | May 2019

New Guinea impatiens, a hardy, low-maintenance plant.

Photo: Christina Timm

Flower the season with low-maintenance plants.

Summer is a busy time of the year with family, activities and holidays, but we also want our curb-appeal looking great—even if our gardening time is limited. Unfortunately, there is no such plant that lives magically without water; however there are some options that are hardier.

Fun in the Sun
Calibrachoa: This plant is like the petunia without the deadheading and sticky fingers. This sun-loving plant tolerates the heat and holds a mounded shape, trailing over the side of the container.

Keep it Neutral
Coleus: This leafy, green plant offers color within its foliage, so you still get color with minimal blooms. Most varieties enjoy a mix of sun and shade, making them versatile for those of us on the busier side of life.

Cool off in the Shade
New Guinea impatien: This exotic plant offers flair to your container where plant options can be limited. This plant comes in a variety of colors that will pop off its deep green foliage.

Keep in mind that these varieties enjoy the outdoors, light and, of course, water!

Contributed by Christina Timm, Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery.


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