Prep Elite: Maple Grove Senior High’s Tristana Tatur is Already Giving Back to the Next Generation

by | Sep 2020

Maple Grove Senior High senior Tristana Tatur

Photo: Tate Carlson

Maple Grove Senior High senior Tristana Tatur loves helping kids grow in school and hockey.

Fall brims with new beginnings and fresh challenges. As seniors in high school embark on months of endings and “lasts,” they, too, are preparing for transitions after high school.

Before it’s time to don the mortarboards, let’s take a moment to give a tip of the hat to this year’s Prep Elite students, who were among students nominated by their schools and selected for this spotlight by our editorial team. Read about the other Prep Elite students here: Kevin ZhangAlbertline SoloAustin DeSmet

Tristana Tatur, Maple Grove Senior High

“First and foremost, Tristana is an exceptional person, who always strives to learn. She is committed to excellence and being excellent in all facets of her life. This spills over into who she is as an athlete and leader. Often, she stands alone as she chooses to go above and beyond to ensure herself success. Tristana’s work ethic is second to none. She always gives more than needed and does extra on her own to propel her growth. Her integrity and character are of the highest order. She makes the right decisions over and over rather than the convenient decisions. She also takes pride in being a role model for youth and always stops to offer them a hello, handshake or small conversation. Tristana can often be found giving back to our youth hockey program as she enjoys helping younger players learn and improve.” —Amber Hegland, girls’ hockey head coach

What or who influenced you the most during high school?

“Giving back to the youth program [Osseo Maple Grove Hockey Association] has made a big impact on my high school experience. Watching kids makes you realize how fast time goes by and to soak up every moment you have in high school; because it could be gone in a blink of an eye. Helping kids grow in school and hockey is something I feel I owe to help make kids’ experiences be as great as mine. Helping out in the community makes you realize what you do is bigger than just yourself, and that you have the power to change and unite a community.” —T.T.

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