Step Up Your Self-Care Game with Local Skincare Brand Rese & Co.

by | Sep 2020

Skincare products from Rese & Co.

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Self-care is more important now than ever.

In case you need another reason to appreciate the month of September—the gateway to the harvest season, the beginning of most school sessions and warm days followed by cooler nights—it’s Self-Care Awareness Month.

After the last several months, we all need an extra dose of self-care. Rese & Co. owner and Maple Grove resident Therese Thull agrees. “I think self-care is more important now than ever … The thing is, you can’t give something out of an empty vessel. It’s important to take the time to refresh and recharge yourself, so you have something to give others … We all have crazy schedules, the latest health challenges, poor sleep habits, detrimental eating habits and one demand after another on us. Setting a proper self-care routine isn’t selfish, it’s essential.”

Rese & Co. Soap

Rese & Co. offers a place to start with more than 50 face and skin products; bath bombs, soaps and salts; candles; hand sanitizers; lotions; product sets and more. The lip spa products are a hit, and lotion bars and the Youth Renew Moisturizer are also customers’ favorites. What is the one product that Thull can’t live without? “This is like asking if I have a favorite child,” she says. “If I don’t like it, I don’t put it in my line.” She does point to the Luxury Body Soap, as it eases her dry skin. “Now I get out [of the shower] and am so happy that I no longer feel the tight, dry, itchy skin,” she says.

With colder/drier weather making an imminent arrival, how should we prepare our skin? “Optimal skin care is an inside and out job,” Thull says. “As our weather turns dry and we are in closed up buildings with recycled air, make sure you make a conscious effort to still consume water [as is typically done in warmer months], eat seasonal veggies, get a proper intake of healthy fats and consider a humidifier,” she says. “Habits for topical skin care will be even more appreciated in the dryer, cooler weather. Make sure you are gently exfoliating your skin and applying a good quality moisturizer.” She warns to stay clear of artificial ingredients. “Check out our website and blog to learn more about ingredients that we encourage [you to use] and those to shy away from,” Thull says.

Therese Thull

Mother of Invention

Prior to starting Rese & Co., Thull had over two decades experience in the skin care and cosmetic industry. About nine years ago, she began making a few simple products for herself. Once the word got out, family and friends wanted to try it, “And it grew from there,” she says. “I never intended to turn it in to a brand or a business, but a friend asked if I could put labels on my products and bring them to an event, and it snowballed from there.”

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