Sage Green Cabinets Take Center Stage in Kitchen Remodel

by | Nov 2022

Photo: Kitchen Tune-Up

A local kitchen receives a bold new makeover.

Raised by her grandma, Bobbi Croshaw, owner of Kitchen Tune-Up in Maple Grove, recalls watching her grandma put together outfits and style her home. “She had a passion for making everyone and everything she came in contact with more beautiful,” she says.

Before kitchen remodel.

Before the Remodel

However, Croshaw’s love for creating didn’t take shape until after taking a psychology of color class in college. It was after the course when she started experimenting in her own home. Conceptualizing ideas for every room type, she found herself gravitating toward the kitchen. “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” she says. “It is the place where I spend most of my time making memories and sharing time together [with her family].”

For Plymouth resident and Kitchen Tune-Up client Lydselle Baretto, the kitchen is a space that’s near to her heart. “Growing up, I remember being with my grandma, my mom and my aunt just spending time together in the kitchen and that was always just very important,” she says. “The kitchen is where I feel at home.”

For Baretto, this project was more than just a kitchen renovation. It was a way of reconnecting with her roots. Wanting to make her space feel like her own, she opted to include her favorite hue. “I love green, it is one of my favorite colors,” Barretto says. “I grew up on an island where those blues and greens were everywhere.”

In a sea of stark-white kitchen clients, Croshaw was also excited to try her hand at something new. Adhering to the colored cabinet trend, she opted for a soothing sage green to brighten the room and add a spark of personality to the space.

The former space had deep brown cabinetry and cherry oak floors. As a room with no windows, the colorway only contributed to the darkness. Wanting to brighten the space, Croshaw says she turned to lighter, neutral tones (in addition to the sage green) to bring new life.

“For the past two years people have been spending more time in their home,” Croshaw says. “They are now looking to their spaces to feel a certain kind of way whether its happy or inspired, they want to feel good about the time they are spending there and color does that.”

Kitchen Tune-Up
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