Save Space and Time with Easy Tips

Some of my best memories around this time of year are the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, particularly warm cookies and pies. 

Keeping baking supplies organized makes for a smooth “baking season,” since it is convenient to have a designated space in your kitchen to store all baking necessities, such as an entire cupboard or baker’s rack in a nearby closet. 

Choose airtight containers for dry goods. I recommend square stacking containers to save space, and label the containers with both the contents and expiration dates.

A Lazy Susan with tall sides and dividers is my favorite way to organize food coloring, salts, oils and powders. Open front bins are great for packaged mixes or frosting. Stackable drawers are ideal for cookie cutters. Be sure to sort by type (i.e. stars, hearts, circles, trees), and label the front of the drawer. Lid organizers can be used to hold cookie sheets, pie tins and cooling racks. Collapsible measuring cups and bowls are great space savers. They can be clipped together and hung on the baker’s rack with a carabiner or S hook.

I recommend getting your baking supplies organized early in the month, so you can be ready to roll come Thanksgiving and the December holidays to bake your favorite recipes.

Kira Vanderlan operates a decluttering, organizing, staging and design company.