What’s the Stitch?

by | Mar 2022

Process of quilt sandwich assembling, sewing accessories


The Maple Grove Quilters showcase their craft.

After a three-year hiatus, due to COVID-19, the Maple Grove Quilters’ Quilt Show is back in action. The event features a variety of demonstrations, a blue-ribbon quilt raffle, local vendors, a boutique shop and an extensive quilt exhibit. Additionally, there is a guild challenge exhibit where members of the Maple Grove Quilters will make a quilt combining one of their oldest fabrics with a challenge-selected fabric.

Consisting of 50 members, the Maple Grove Quilters share the same passion for the craft and pride themselves in their range of experience.

Diane Rose, who joined the guild in 2017, says her favorite part about her involvement is the camaraderie and friendships she has formed. “It’s fun because it isn’t a super big group, so we are really close to one another,” she says. “I enjoy all of the different people that I get to connect with.” Originally drawn to quilting because of the functionality of the craft, she has grown to appreciate the challenge it brings with the number of different patterns, color combinations and techniques there are to experiment with.

Club member Colleen Hazen uses quilting as a creative outlet and loves the opportunity to design and create beautiful things. “Quilting takes a long time and requires a lot of patience … Every piece builds toward the end product, and it’s a great feeling when you finally finish it,” Hazen says.

All ages. $5. April 29 from 10 a.m.–7 p.m. and April 30 from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Maple Grove Community Center, 12951 Weaver Lake Road


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