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by | Mar 2022

March/April 2022 Maple Grove Magazine

After spending countless months cooped up in our humble abodes avoiding the threat of COVID-19 and of course the frigid Minnesota cold, we find ourselves paying attention to things that we never have before.  For me, I realized what design elements worked best in my personal space. With more time working from home, working out or even just relaxing, I have found it is important to consider how your layout and details within it can affect your overall mindset.

With a little spring cleaning and a bit of creativity, I have transformed my living quarters into a space worth spending time in. From the configuration of furniture, the clothes in my closet organized by color or my personal art showcasing itself around different parts of my room, these elements are all a part of what makes me feel, simply, me. But this looks different for some, and no formula is the best blueprint for everyone. With our homes as the center of our universes, it is only fitting to incorporate elements that make us feel whole. After all, home is where the heart is.

In Dream Living, I explore how homeowners have redefined recreational spaces in their own residential houses. Catching a glimpse inside a $1.5 million custom model home by Hanson Builders in Elm Creek, I share elements that homeowners are gravitating toward from sport courts to open-bar seating and extra flex spaces. Feeding into what suits their lifestyles best, homeowners are leaning toward the side of convinence.

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