A Year's Worth of Recipe Inspiration from YouTube Chef Dan Greer

@cookingwithdfg's posts offer 12 months of meals.

You’ve seen him here before. Dan Greer was profiled in Maple Grove Magazine (March 2019) for his homebased cooking exploits, which can be viewed on YouTube and social media sites. In a later issue (November 2019), he created two sheet pan recipes for us (pumpkin-cranberry pancakes and apple streusel cake), which make cooking for a crowd or holiday entertaining a whole lot easier!

If you follow along with Greer’s food-inspired Instagram, you’ve surely viewed some of his taste bud-tempting, eye-popping and I-gotta-have-some recipes. We decided to spotlight some of his creations for 12 months’ worth of recipe repertoire inspiration. You’re welcome!

Bread01.25.19 = Bread

Chicken cacciatore02.12.19 = Chicken cacciatore

Korean-style short ribs03.15.19 = Korean-style short ribs

Chicken Parmesan burger04.29.19 = Chicken Parmesan burger

Crab rangoon05.19.19 = Crab rangoons

Grilled vegetable salad06.12.19 = Grilled veggie salad

Peach galette07.26.19 = Peach galette

Grilled corn08.17.19 = Grilled sweet corn

Hearty chili09.18.19 = Hearty chili

Roasted chicken10.25.19 = Roasted chicken

Cardamom spice cranberries11.26.19 = Cardamom spice cranberries

Balsamic cranberry-stuffed chicken12.05.19 = Balsamic cranberry-stuffed chicken

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