“I get energy from the students,” Maple Grove Senior High counselor Janelle Gillis says. “They have an ‘I can conquer anything’ attitude. High school students are fun. If you give [them] the opportunity to be real, they embrace that.

Percentages can be one of the most confusing mathematical concepts for children, and even adults, to master.  Yet, an understanding of percents is critical in everyday life.  The following intuitive approach focuses on the true meaning of percents as opposed to methods that are based on rote memo

Don’t feel bad if you can’t quite keep up with Joshua Borchardt. The 2008 Maple Grove High School graduate has been studying life forms in space and the potential for life on Mars. His work includes a stint at NASA in 2012.

Successful problem-solving skills are based on having an intuitive sense of the problem.  That is, being able to recognize its different “parts” and how they relate to the “whole.”  In math, underdanding this relationship between numbers is called “Number Sense.”  Like most skills, Number Sense c

Every year we feature some knock-your-socks-off seniors who are dedicated to success in their chosen areas of interest. Whether they excel at sports or community service, high-level academics or leadership, there are many outstanding young people to choose from in our community.

Sitting in the library between classes, Darion Harding began typing away as the result of an inspiration. Under the influence of a poetry class that semester, he knew it was time for his own project.

Washers and dryers can be pesky machines. Not only are they often large and
overbearing, they can be energy hogs. Maple Grove Senior High (MGSH) senior Jack
Egert noticed this and set out to find a sustainable solution. Enter: “Passive

Three seniors from Maple Grove area high schools have been named finalists in the 2014 National Merit Scholarship Program.