How to Pack to Save Time and Money

by | Mar 2024

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As the cold temps can sometimes hang on in the springtime, many families decide to head south for a warm get away. That’s when my phone starts ringing with the question “How do I pack for my upcoming vacay?” The answer to a lot of peoples’ packing issues can be solved with packing cubes.

Packing cubes provide separate zip bags in many different sizes and colors to accommodate a traveler’s luggage contents. Some cubes are designed specifically for shoes, toiletries and/or clothing.

Use them to help you pack:

  1. Designate each cube for a day’s worth of clothes.
  2. Separate cubes into catego-ries such as pants, tops or undergarments.
  3. Assign each family member a unique packing cube color or print. This way, you can pack items in other suitcases to help consolidate luggage, avoiding charges for extra luggage bags. Plus, once you arrive, you will know whose items are whose—saving you lots of time and headaches.

On a recent trip, I unpacked my suitcase contents into the drawers of our hotel and felt confident they’d keep clean and fresh by providing a barrier between my clothes and the drawer that’s been used by many others before me.

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