Food expert shares tips for baking, topping and ordering the perfect pies for your holiday gatherings

Food expert shares tips for baking, topping and ordering the perfect pies for your holiday gatherings

Pie is the delicious dessert of choice for holiday gatherings. Whether you’re baking one yourself, lining up delectable DIY toppings or going 100 percent store-bought (no judgement here), Lunds & Byerlys has you covered. 

“We love the holidays. We all live for this time of year,” says Lunds & Byerlys FoodE Expert Joan Donatelle. Her teams sells over 18,000 pies at each of the 27 Twin Cities-area stores the week of Thanksgiving. It’s a delicious dance, and Donatelle would have it no other way. “It’s quite a feat, but we love helping to make people happy.” 

Vintage Norwegian Krumkake Recipe

The holiday season is a time for tradition. Some traditions are adapted from those fun things we see others do that we want to include in our own festivities. But many traditions are cultural, including recipes that are handed down from grandparents or great grandparents who emigrated from far away lands many years ago. It’s likely not news to you that a large Scandinavian population has left its cultural imprint on many local family traditions and tastes.

Ingredient Spotlight: Brandy

When brandy pops into a conversation, the words that follow often include “sidecar” and “Grandma’s after-dinner drink.” With the craft cocktail scene booming at local watering holes, brandy is slowly making its way out of the wine cellar and into our glasses. But it’s easy to forget that brandy (including cognac and Armagnac) is simply a liquor made by distilling wine, which means that like wine, it’s great in the kitchen, too.


Answering the Age-old Question: What's for Dinner?

Welcome to Plymouth Magazine’s first food challenge. Inspired by the Food Network show Chopped, the chefs from Rock Elm Tavern, La Cocina de Ana and Kobe were asked to include these four ingredients in their creation: red pepper, corn, zucchini and rice. It’s almost like Chopped, but with a lot less pressure and easier ingredients to incorporate into a meal. Plus, no eliminations here. These meals are all winners!

La Cocina de Ana
Owner Ana Rayas


New Ways to be Nutritious

It can be hard to eat healthy as fall rolls around, but it happens to be an important time to eat well. Jessica Welch, a clinical dietitian at Allina Health, says vitamin D is the most common vitamin that people lack  as the weather cools down since they’re less spending time in the sun. She recommends taking a supplement as it can be hard to get enough vitamin D through food alone.

Healthy Eating in 2017

It’s the new year and a great time to start eating healthier foods without sacrificing an adventurous palate.

Here’s a recipe from Whole Foods with quinoa, a high protein grain similar to rice or couscous. “Quinoa is a great whole grain substitute,” says Zach Hakala, associate team manager at the Whole Foods in Minnetonka. “It’s filled with nutrients and amino acids and can replace rice in many recipes.”

Zesty Quinoa with Broccoli and Cashews

Norwegian-American Edina Women Hand Down Lefse Tradition

They are two lovely Norwegian-American ladies, Marge Ellingson and Pam Olson. Both are members of Edina Morningside Community Church, who decided (“We were asked,” emphasizes Olson) to participate in a church-wide program called Morningside U, where participants share their talents with the community. Others before them had taught memoir writing and cartoon drawing. What was requested of Ellingson and Olson was a tutorial on how to make lefse, a soft Norwegian flatbread cooked on a griddle and made with potatoes, flour, butter and milk or cream.



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