Whirlybirds and Mosquito Control

Helicopters soar through the sky to rescue Maple Grove from pesky mosquitos.

Have you ever wondered about the diving and swooping helicopters that fly over the skies of Maple Grove? These flying machines are battling flying insects...indirectly. Mike McLean, communications coordinator from Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, informs citizens about the environmentally safe process of mosquito control in Maple Grove.

“We use a bacterium called BTI that is placed on a corn cob granule. When we put that on the wetland, the bacterium goes into the water [and] the mosquito larvae in the water will be killed,” McLean explains. This process is known as biological control and does not affect any other organism besides the targeted larvae.

The next time a helicopter swoops close to your house, enjoy the pilot’s skill at flying and at reducing other flying things that bite.

Visit the website here for more information or to learn what areas will be treated.