“Watch and Learn” Photo Reminds Everyone of Fun Summer Days to Come

Photo is a reminder of fun with family and friends.

Sunshine, laughter, family and fun are all key ingredients for a fantastic summer. This image titled “Watch and Learn,” taken by photographer Christa Adamczyk, radiates the feeling of summer. This shot won first place in the People & Families category of the 2016 Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

The photo was taken on a hot mid-July day in Adamczyk’s parents’ backyard. “They set up a Slip ‘N Slide and a kiddy pool” the photographer says. “Then we all bring our kids over to play together.” There were only about eight people there on the day the photo was taken, but everyone was having fun cooling off in the water.

The child featured in the photo is Adamczyk’s five-year-old nephew, Roman. The kids used an inflatable surf board to bodysurf down the slide. Roman learned how to use the inflatable board the fastest. “It’s called ‘Watch and Learn’ because he got the hang of it really quick and was able to show the other kids how to do it,” Adamczyk says.

Adamczyk’s favorite part about the photo is how defined the water and water droplets are. “The expression on Roman’s face kind of made me laugh, too,” she says. “We like to make the most out of those warm days.” With summer at full tilt, Adamczyk’s photo is a good reminder to enjoy our few warm months by spending them with family and friends.