Announcing the 2016 Focus on Maple Grove Photo Contest Winners

Each year we are delighted to receive amazing images of Maple Grove during our photo contest. Here are our winners for 2016.

See the photos here!

People & Families

1st place: Watch & Learn by Christa Adamczyk
2nd place: Laeney Mermaid by Mindy Gallagher (pictured above)
3rd place: On Top Of The World by Mindy Gallagher
Honorable Mentions: Rise and Shine by Samantha Eyre and Ducks at Town Green by Christa Adamczyk

City Landmarks

1st place: Fishing on the Dock by Megan Smith
2nd place: Spring at the Beach by Mindy Gallagher
3rd place: Ducks at Town Green by Christa Adamczyk


1st place: Molly Ready For Her Treat! by Patti Johnson
2nd place: Paisley at Sunset by Megan Smith
3rd place 1, 2, 3, Let’s make a break for it! by Anna Gunderson

Wildlife & Nature

1st place: Barred Owl by Andrew Johnson
2nd place: Garden by Tracy Walsh
3rd place: Hatching Day by Amy Hughes

Activities & Events

1st place: Central Fountain-Play by Steven Campbell
2nd place: Ready Set Go by Christa Adamczyk
3rd place: Maple Grove Central Park Skaters by Erik Lange