Reporter Jamie Yuccas Returns Home to WCCO

Maple Grove alum returns to her Minnesota roots.

After six and half years as a reporter for NBC2 in Fort Myers, Florida, Jamie Yuccas has returned to her Minnesota roots as beat reporter and anchor for WCCO. “It feels great to be back,” says Yuccas. “I really feel like I’m back home again in every capacity.”

Growing up, Yuccas was heavily involved with sports and social activities. When she was in third grade, she met WCCO news anchor Don Shelby. “Don Shelby was the man,” Yuccas recalls. “I remember he bought a hot dog at a high school basketball game where my mom and I were selling hot dogs. You would have thought Tom Cruise walked into the room – I was in total awe.” Whether or not this foreshadowed Yuccas’ later career path, her media bug didn’t bite until a few years later.

Yuccas’ parents moved to Maple Grove when she was in eighth grade. “I was really nervous about it, but I immediately clicked with the people there and loved it.”

She became involved with the basketball program and built a life surrounded by friends. In high school, Yuccas fell in love with journalism with the help of former Maple Grove Senior High English teacher, Ms. Terry Caruso and the high school newspaper, The Harbinger. “I felt like I was a creative person, but it wasn’t until I got on the newspaper and learned how much I like telling stories that I felt like ‘this is what I’m supposed to do.’”

Her love of journalism paved a clear path into the University of Minnesota’s Broadcast Journalism program. In college, Yuccas had her first taste of life at WCCO as an intern. “I fell in love with the people there,” she remembers. “They help me build a resume tape and fall in love with TV.” 

In her recently new position at WCCO, Yuccas has covered a variety of topics – including the flooding in Minot. “It’s a lot of hard work and long hours,” she says, “but it’s worth it at the end of the day when you can tell other people’s stories.”


Watch Jamie as a WCCO-TV anchor on Saturday mornings from 8-9 a.m. She will also be reporting for the station throughout the week.