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Maple Grove Sun Light by Rod Smoliak

Maple Grove Sun Light, by Rod Smoliak, received first place in the City Landmarks category in our annual Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

When it comes to bathrooms, people tend to stick to a safe design that often includes the color ocean blue.

Since 1999, the Maple Grove Ambassador Program has awarded more than $93,000 in scholarships to young women and given them the chance to represent their community.

Successful problem-solving skills are based on having an intuitive sense of the problem.  That is, being able to recognize its different “parts” and how they relate to the “whole.”  In math, underdanding this relationship between numbers is called “Number Sense.”  Like most skills, Number Sense c


For the 5th year, the Maple Grove Arts Center hosts a show consisting completely of art that is black and white (and shades of gray). Featured art includes everything from paintings and photographs to beading and quilts.

Every year we feature some knock-your-socks-off seniors who are dedicated to success in their chosen areas of interest. Whether they excel at sports or community service, high-level academics or leadership, there are many outstanding young people to choose from in our community.

A little island full of rabbits was Katelyn Marshall’s favorite thing about studying abroad.

Sitting in the library between classes, Darion Harding began typing away as the result of an inspiration. Under the influence of a poetry class that semester, he knew it was time for his own project.

Maple Grove librarians Susan Cooper, left, Kathryn Zimmerman and Ann Pieri

Librarians have thousands of opportunities to read great books. So, how do they pick one over another? They read reviews, they take recommendations from others, just like we do, and now, they’ve agreed to tell us about their latest favorite reads.