Sisters Start Sweet Transformations

Three sisters bring old furniture into the 21st century.

I have always loved to decorate. In fact, I was kind of considering interior design as a major before I stumbled upon writing. So I have a love for folks who can take ordinary spaces and turn them into magical places that make you feel cozy, comfortable, and, well, at home.

That said, I have a special affinity for folks who can make all that happen on a budget for real folks who have bills to pay, kids’ activities and college to pay for, and groceries to buy. That’s why Sweet Transformations is so great!  When owners Sunday Burquest, Kelsey Moore and Jennifer Farrand can take their out-of-date items and see something in them that’s not even there, now that is a gift.

Check out our story about the three sisters and their Sweet Transformations in our June issue, available June 1 at

Until then, see for yourself what Sweet Transformations has to offer in the Antique Mall of Rogers (12860 Main Street, Rogers) or online; you can also get ideas and inspiration on Sunday’s blog, A Sunday Afternoon.