Nutritional Tips from a Naturopathic Source

The Functional Medicine Naturopathic Center's Pam Hartung provides tips to good health.

When I snapped off an aloe branch to squeeze out the goo to treat sunburn in Hawaii, I became mesmerized by the natural ways to treat ailments.

While I’m still faster to pop some Aleve than seek a holistic alternative, I do think that naturopathic ways could (and maybe should) become the new “green” thing to do.

Pam Hartung and her Functional Medicine Naturopathic Center in Maple Grove is providing natural alternatives to the antibiotics we often swallow for a quick fix.

To find out whom she’s helped and what her tips are, check out our March issue, or visit starting March 1.

Until then, here’s five simple nutritional tips from Hartung:

1. Stay away from processed foods.

2. Watch your sugar consumption.

3. Try to incorporate nuts and beans into the diet.

4. Don’t eat the same thing all the time.

5. Grains are good, but make sure you are doing good grains.