POSTED Wednesday, January 18

The Shoppes Go Red for Women, a campaign by The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes and the American Heart Association aiming to spread heart disease awareness, will take Maple Grove's outdoor mall by storm in February.

POSTED Thursday, December 22

When I wrote about taking part in a Jazzercise class a year ago, I lied to myself when I thought I could touch my toes.  

That said, Yoga has always intrigued me. While downward dog would incite roll-on-the-floor laughter, I want to live a long healthy life, so flexibility and managing stress will be essential.

For the recent assignment of putting together a yoga guide for the January issue of Maple Grove Magazine, I spoke with some male yogis in their 60s. They raved about how it’s enhanced their lives.

POSTED Tuesday, December 13

You don’t need to be the next Larry Bird to compete in TreeHouse’s second annual Hoopin It Up For Hope free throw tournament series. Even if your shot isn’t on target, the cause is.

TreeHouse, an Edina-based non-profit organization aiming to support and transform at-risk teens, is using this event as an opportunity for people to raise money and awareness for teenagers who are facing difficult times, including issues such as depression, bullying, sexual promiscuity, substance abuse and anger.

POSTED Tuesday, December 13

The only thing better than a good blog is a really good blog within a good blog. It’s kind of like when a bartender decides to upgrade your second drink to top shelf during a 2-for-1 happy hour.

I have no shame in admitting I’m leaning on Scott Hansen for this one. I’m simply playing the role of advocate. He’s the star.

POSTED Tuesday, December 6

Tiger Oak Publications is currently searching for an editor for one of its monthly community lifestyle magazines. As you can see from the description and responsibilities below, we’re looking for someone with a background in journalism and a firm grasp on AP Style, but also a multi-tasker who is well-organized, creative and has the ability to be a team-oriented leader.

POSTED Friday, December 2

Tis the season to combat the frosty weather with festive holiday events, and Maple Grove has plenty to get you in the spirit. Gather with friends, family and other members of the community at these events:


Winter Wonderland at The Shoppes Dec. 10&11

If holiday shopping can’t boost the economy, nothing can…aside from maybe Santa's magic. Luckily The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes has all of the above with a weekend full of festive activities:

POSTED Tuesday, November 29

A refrain in a song from The Darkness was in my head as I wrote about three Maple Grove men who vehemently volunteer in our December issue.

“Love is moooore than a feeeeelin’!” as the British band belted out last decade.

The men – Chris Hawkey, Bob Munson and Tim Huebsch – all spoke about how volunteering gives the giver a good “feeeeelin’!”

“The one thing is you are always gaining more than what you give,” Munson says.

The men share which groups they give to and the selfless reasons they give in the December issue of Maple Grove Magazine.

POSTED Thursday, November 17

My grandma Emma was a bona fide giver.

She and my grandpa lived in Fertile, a tiny burg in Northern Minnesota that had a post office, a Woolworth’s store that smelled of dust and time, a couple of churches, and a pool hall. She was a full-blooded Norwegian, and I never once saw her wear a pair of slacks, ever utter a curse word, or even raise her voice. “Uff,” was as close as she ever got to letting a few expletives fly.

POSTED Tuesday, November 8

In just three years, the Maple Grove Arts Center has established itself as a model organization for the arts in Minnesota. From hosting several successful fundraisers, to offering a slew of classes that blanket several mediums, to delving into realms previously untouched by arts organizations—Scott Hansen’s Comedy Tech, for one—the Maple Grove Arts Center has turned ripples to waves in the arts community in a relatively short period of time. Those waves haven’t gone unnoticed outside of the waters of Maple Grove.

POSTED Thursday, October 20

While Orioles are usually the main draw at the Osseo High School gymnasium, a pack of Wolves—accompanied by a cast of players from other NBA teams— will stop by to steal the spotlight for a good cause Friday night.

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley is coming to town, and he’s bringing some friends that don’t usually show up on the Orioles game programs—Josh Howard (Washington Wizards), Demarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings) and Mario Chalmers (Miami Heat), to name drop a few.