Christmas Birthdays Spawned New Tradition for Lorrie Link’s Family

by | Dec 2019

A wrapped Christmas present sits near a string of lights


Maple Grove Arts Center CEO/founder Lorrie Link was born on Christmas Day, and her sister was born on Christmas Eve.

This time of year brims with holiday traditions—the baking-, cooking- and memory-making kinds. Some of our Advisory Board members share how they wrap the holidays in extra special ways: Birgit GruessEric HagemannNatalie ConradJennie Zafft

“… My birthday is Christmas Day, and my sister’s is Christmas Eve … The one tradition we had, when my grandmother was alive and we were young, is that my sister and I had to dress as Christmas angels with the white gown and tinsel halo. Our job was to carry burning candles and read the Christmas story to the family from the Bible at our Christmas Eve gathering. As we grew older, other siblings and cousins took over the role …”—Lorrie Link, CEO/founder of the Maple Grove Arts Center


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