Upcoming Home Design Trends for 2024

by | Mar 2024

Stylish living room interior in dark blue with a pink sofa, glass tables and a golden floor lamp. Mid century modern style / 3D illustration, 3d render


Gone are the days of modern farmhouse, gray/beige color palettes and open concept living. Interior design trends are continually changing. When designing a space, I am often asked, “What design trends are timeless (because we do not plan on making changes anytime soon)?” My answer is to go with what you are most attracted to while incorporating trends that are appealing.

What’s trending in 2024:

  • Blues are a popular color choice this year. Whether it is incorporated into your furnishings, painted on the walls or cabinets, or used as a décor accent, you cannot go wrong.
  • Herringbone is making a comeback in tile, flooring and fabric patterns. The distinctive shape adds visual interest and movement. The pattern is being installed diagonally and vertically to create even more sophistication.
  • Character over cookie-cutter is a sure way to go with your décor. Consider whimsical and unexpected elements, quirky artwork, vintage accent chairs or artisanal pieces. Avoid mass market furnishings with safe color palettes or homogenous finishes.

Design in 2024 is vibrant and one-of-a-kind. Make it your own, create conversation around the décor you pick and enjoy the lack of gray.

Kira Vanderlan, an award-winning interior designer, home organizer and stager, is the owner of Maple Grove-based Zestful Design. Find out more at zestfuldesign.com.


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