Consider These Three Things to Tackle around the House This Month

The glorious sun has finally broken through the clouds to stream through the windows and reveal … dust. “We’ve been inside for six months of winter. Spring is about dusting,” says Brent Ashley, owner of MaidPro.

Just the thought of seasonal cleaning can rev you up or make you feel exhausted. Regardless, you can eliminate the dust or learn to live with it, but there are three areas you might want to focus on since they don’t get a lot of attention throughout the year.

The Refrigerator: Take everything out, remove all the shelves and drawers and clean every surface. According to Ashley, it’s more than just dirty. “The bacteria buildup here is often overlooked,” he says.

The Oven: It’s seen a lot of use, especially after the holidays. Run it through the self-cleaning cycle, if your oven has one, then invest in a solid oven cleaning solvent. If MaidPro does it for you, they use ample “Easy-off and elbow grease,” Ashley says.
Behind the…: Pull everything—couches, cabinets, beds—away from the walls and vacuum. Yes, some of it is heavy. Get some help. This might also include pulling the stove and fridge out of their places. You may be astounded by what is hiding back there.

If this seems like too much work, clean the silverware drawer (quick and satisfying). Call MaidPro to do the rest.