This DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece Adds an Autumnal Touch to Your Home

by | Oct 2019

Three hand-decorated pumpkin centerpieces.

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

Create a wonderful decorated pumpkin that will work great as a centerpiece holiday decoration, utilizing flower material and pumpkins.

What You Need: Mini pumpkins, Mod Podge craft glue, a small paintbrush and a variety of foliage and flowers

What to Do: On a non-porous surface, use the paintbrush to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to both sides of your foliage/flower material. By doing so, this will help to layer the material, and it will also create a glossy finish once dried. Place the coated foliage onto the pumpkin. For the first layer, it works best to work in the grooves of the pumpkin. Press and hold for about 30 seconds. Continue to repeat this process, and layer the flower material how you see fit. When finished, allow a good 30 minutes to completely dry. Allow more time to dry if Mod Podge is applied with a thicker consistency.

Here’s a Tip: Start with a small, less intimidating pumpkin with a small work space. Graduate up to a larger size for a challenge.

Here’s One More: The best types of foliage to use include soft evergreens for deep contrasting colors; small, durable flowers like hydrangea petals, for soft hints of color; and leaves from ferns, ninebark, sage or perennial geraniums
add interesting texture.

Contributed by Christina Timm, Lynde Greenhouse and Nursery


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