Focus on Maple Grove: Finding Your Way

Central Park labyrinth offers a moment for reflection.
second Place Landmark by Chris Spah

The labyrinth of Greek mythology was meant to confuse, built by Daedalus for the King of Crete, in an effort to hold the Minotaur. Luckily, the labyrinth in Maple Grove’s Central Park proves less hazardous.

In modern times, labyrinths are commonly used to elicit quite the opposite of confusion. They are built into churches, hospitals, gardens and parks to offer respite, quiet and contemplation. Walking along the twisting pathways, one loses a sense of direction and of the world outside. This allows the mind to disconnect from external chaos and focus internally.

Photographer Chris Spah discovered the labyrinth during a stroll through Central Park. “We decided to follow the instructions on entering the pathway. In the photo, my girlfriend took the lead in the ‘Partner Stroll,’ which allowed me to get this photo of her starting her journey inwards to the labyrinth,” he explains.
Quieting the mind and releasing concern takes time. “This concept was sort of continued in the sense that she is by herself in the beginning of her journey,” Spah says. “I centered her in the photo as one would ‘center’ themselves while meditating.”

This shot won Spah second place in the Landmark category of the 2017 Focus on Maple Grove photo contest. The evening the photo was taken, Spah had been at the Arbor Lakes Summer Faire. “Summertime in Maple Grove is full of awesome outdoor events, and it’s really easy to bounce around from one area to the next,” he says.

Camera used: Sony A7RII, Sony 50mm f/1.8 lens