Focus on Maple Grove Photographer Loves Capturing the Community’s Wildlife

by | Jul 2020

An egret on a crock at Central Park in Maple Grove.

Photo: Rod Smoliak

Rod Smoliak’s “Taking a Bow at Central Park” placed first in the wildlife/nature category of our Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

Taking a Bow at Central Park placed first in the wildlife/nature category for our annual photo contest. “My wife and I enjoy taking walks, and I always bring my camera along,” Rod Smoliak says. “Central Park is quite different than other wildlife areas in that it is very open and not surrounded by a lot of trees. It’s always interesting to see what type of different waterfowl might be hanging out in that area.”

The photo was taken with his Canon 7D II with Tamron 150-600mm. “It’s always a fun challenge to photograph an egret in full daylight due to their pure white feathers, which can easily fool the exposure on the camera.”

Smoliak highlights other spots for wildlife photography, including Eagle Lake and Elm Creek Park Reserve. “In addition to waterfowl, there are also many opportunities to enjoy other wildlife, such as deer and various owls,” he says.

“Wildlife is the main type of photography I enjoy because it adds to the benefits of being outdoors and walking,” Smoliak says. “Coming across different wildlife and getting a great photo makes things extra special. In addition to wildlife and nature, I also enjoy outdoor nighttime photography, such as full moons and beautiful sunsets.”


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