Historical Preservation Society Holds onto City’s Past

The Maple Grove Historical Preservation Society was formed in 1994 as a non-profit organization with the purpose of education and preserving the rich history of the city. Maple Grove was founded in the 1850s by explorer Louis P. Garvais. Pierre Bottineau was also instrumental is exploring this area, and there were numerous American Indian tribes in Maple Grove during the early settler times. Maple Grove was a township from 1858 until 1954 when it became a village. In 1974, it became a city.

While development has obscured some history, there are still areas of homes and one room school houses dating back to the late 1800s. The Historical Society works closely with city officials to maintain the yesteryears of Maple Grove. The museum is filled with many items from the late 1850s and on, and the Historical Society constantly receives items from longtime residents and relatives. In addition, the Historical Society tapes the history of longtime residents and their relatives to preserve information. 

Some of the earliest businesses were Maple Leaf Store/blacksmith shop, Bredenberg’s Grocery Store, Elm Creek Saw Mill, Maple Leaf Creamery/IceHouse, Mummahs Dry Goods, a Great Northern train depot and others. The history museum has many artifacts from these stores on display and hosts an open house the second Sunday of each month and holds meetings every third Thursday. You will be amazed with the history you will find.

—Contributed by the Maple Grove Historical Preservation Society