Irish Dancing

  • Family and friends of Rince Nua
  • Michelle Cogswell, Michele Hartnett, Anna Searle, Jenna Vodinelich, Meg Schultz and Chrystal O'Hanlon
  • Libby Simpson, Shelby Oliver and Ava Licht
  • Irelandrose Langer and Dulcie Searle
  • Champion-level dancer Allie Hartlein
  • Allie Hartlein, Lauren Leaseburg and Krissy Wills
  • Genevieve Simpson, Lillian Ross, Annabel Meyer, Maggie Ludlow, Annalise Groff, Giana Boich and Macey LeVahn
  • Kiana Erickson
  • Jill Shoen, Kiana Erickson, Maria Hartnett, Dulcie Searle, Lauren Leaseburg and Ellie Kinney
  • Mother and daughter dancers Emma and Meg Schulz