February 2017 Maple Grove Magazine

In the February issue blogger Amy Seeman shares the joys (and challenges) of parenting, plus find a roundup of winter pajamas to keep you comfy all season.

Growing up, my family eagerly awaited our bi-yearly fix of the Olympics. Our sports? Gymnastics in the summer and figure skating in the winter. Olga Korbut and Nadia Comaneci held our amazement with daring moves and perfect scores.


Tracy Walsh is a professional photographer and resident of Maple Grove. Looking at her portfolio, you will find that she captures fantastic photographs of people—babies, as well as couples at weddings and engagements.


The Fountains at Arbor Lakes remains one of the go-to spots in Maple Grove—filled with favorite shops and restaurants. Since opening the doors last July, the family-owned restaurant Hong Thai has become one of the hottest new places to eat.


School District 279 will host its annual Night Out this month to raise funds for area schools. Last February, this event raised $20,000.


After coming home from a long Minnesota winter day, snuggling up in front of a warm fire and putting on cozy, comfortable pajamas is the way to go.


From the first diaper change on, parenting only gets dirtier and more challenging. It’s a world that most people keep quiet, sending out cute photos and silly quotes that highlight the good instead of the infuriating.


Great River Energy in downtown Maple Grove provides an icon of the forward thinking that has gone into the development of our city.


Although winter months bring kids the joy of hot chocolate, snow angels and rosy cheeks, it also brings the unfortunate side effects of sniffling, coughs and fevers. While illnesses and injuries are inevitable during the winter months, pediatrician David A. Quale, M.D.


After the excitement of the first snowfall is over and holiday festivities have been enjoyed in a white wonderland, you might be getting a little antsy for spring. Thankfully, much-longed-for blossoms can be had earlier.


Maple Grove Senior High girls swim and dive team has been proud to have their own mascot for the last year: Swimmie. Modeled after the school mascot Leafie, Swimmie has become much more than just the face of the team.


“The bridge to nowhere” in the northwest part of town is a good example of how Maple Grove builds with a strong master plan. This footbridge leads across Rush Creek to a future housing development. Do you know where it is?


Bullying is an unfortunate and frequent occurrence for many children. Here are some tips from Jennifer Tagg M.A, LMFT of the Calli Institute to help empower children and prevent aggressive interactions.


The New Global Student by Maya Frost is a book that fascinates me. With two kids in college, I am beginning to think that alternative education acquisition is looking better and better.


Born and raised in South Minneapolis, Karen Jaeger has been a proud resident of Maple Grove for 27 years. However, she has gone far beyond simple citizenship. Jaeger has been elected, and re-elected, to the Maple Grove City Council for many terms.


For a fashionista, cold weather can make it a little difficult to accessorize. Local consignment shop TurnStyle might have a solution.