March 2018 Maple Grove Magazine

In the March issue we've rounded up all the master classes you should discover this spring.

You may be familiar with the house that sits just inside the main entrance of Elm Creek Park Reserve, but did you know this early settlement home was host to the first Catholic mass of the present St. Vincent DePaul church community?


There’s a little pocket of deliciousness located in Arbor Lakes awash with wonderful restaurants. We made a list of some great dishes and wine pairings from four of our favorites. If you’re having trouble picking between them, no worries.


The Maple Grove History Museum is filled with remnants of the early settlers as well as items from the 1900s.


What better way to break out of winter hibernation than to escape the house—with the family, a friend or on your own—and build a new skill?


At 24, David Vinje was building his own home on the weekends. Now, with over 11 years in the business, Vinje transforms the suburban homes of others in Minnesota.


In 1969, 13-year-old Jim Malone won a dead rooster pheasant in a poker game with a neighborhood buddy. Using his brother’s taxidermy book, he prepared, stuffed and mounted the carcass and a lifelong passion was born.


As teens get their first glimpse of mobile adulthood, parents hold their breaths. Learning how to drive
is an exciting, and at the same time, difficult topic. There are privileges to becoming a licensed driver, and precautions for young people and their parents.


Two Maple Grove couples are fusing business with pleasure, one bowl of chili at a time.


Call it a reckoning of the season. When the drab of winter softens into the pastel of spring, some home repair or maintenance might be in order. There’s something about spring that makes a homeowner take a second look at things, especially from the outside.


Maple Grove councilman Phil Leith has been a resident for 30 years and this is his 11th year on the city council. He’s married with two adult sons and is a member and Jamaica missions team leader at Lord of Life Lutheran church as well as a member of the Maple Grove Lions Club.


Owner of Get It Done Fitness Jose Lara shares two quick exercises to improve strength and health. Each exercise is built to be done as many times as possible in one minute.


Performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for long periods of time is a good test of one’s abilities and dedication toward others. It’s also a great way to demonstrate lifesaving skills others may want to acquire.


St. John’s Lutheran School students, pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, teamed up with other local Lutheran schools to raise money for hurricane victims in Texas. The funds went to a fellow Lutheran school in the Houston area which was severely damaged in Hurricane Harvey.


Something incredible happened to Andrew West from November 23rd, 2015 to November 25th, 2016. Every night, this now-22-year-old who grew up in Maple Grove had vivid dreams that continued where they left off the night before.


Minnesota company Let’s Dish!, has offered creative, affordable meals since 2003. Let’s Dish! sets itself apart by its formula of flavorful, fresh meals to be cooked and eaten at home.