May 2018 Maple Grove Magazine

In the May issue we're checking out Ten Sushi as they bring authentic Japanese flavors to the area.

The labyrinth of Greek mythology was meant to confuse, built by Daedalus for the King of Crete, in an effort to hold the Minotaur. Luckily, the labyrinth in Maple Grove’s Central Park proves less hazardous.


“Ten” is one of the few words that has meaning in both Japanese and English. When owner Heather Lin and her partner and restaurant veteran, Ming Wu, were first dreaming about a new sushi spot, they thought it the perfect fit.


A festive event is on the horizon as Primrose School of Maple Grove hosts its 10th Spring Fling Carnival and Charity Fundraiser. Celebrating the school, children, families and the community, it’s the largest event for the school, and many in the community look forward to it.


Summer camp is something that children look forward to all school year. It’s a time to get outside, learn a new skill or continue an activity they’re already passionate about. We’ve assembled a list of some summer camp options around the Maple Grove area for your consideration.


One of the most profound experiences in life is that of being touched. Touch is naturally intimate, personal and powerful.  


The Synchro Gators are ending another successful season. The synchronized swimming program that teaches Osseo school students the sport continues to make the synchro legacy in Minnesota proud.


Craving a new look or a way to freshen up your spring wardrobe? Style Encore in Maple Grove offers affordable fashion and brand name designers.


The winter chill has vanished, and Minnesotans are trying to soak up every degree above freezing. Which means … making use of the deck or any outdoor spaces! With advancements in grilling, grillers won’t even have to decide between charcoal and gas anymore when it comes to backyard burgers.


“My dad always instilled in my siblings and me a strong sense of community,” says Minneapolis Northwest Tourism’s president and CEO Dave Looby.


As summer approaches, clothing is shed and what ever stored weight you’ve got form the winter months may melt away as you become more active.


The glorious sun has finally broken through the clouds to stream through the windows and reveal … dust. “We’ve been inside for six months of winter. Spring is about dusting,” says Brent Ashley, owner of MaidPro.


Herb Tanton and Ryan Heim desired to open a health club that had a little something for everyone but also took participants back to the basics of health and fitness, which they view as highly important.


With summer nearing, many of us are beginning to think through ways to look our best.


While being an animal lover, Kelsey Kunkel has also discovered a growing love for photography. The combination of the two has paid off. She won second place in the Pets category of the 2017 Focus on Maple Grove photo contest with her photo entitled Deep Thoughts.


At some point in life, most people arrive at a time when they realize they need to make a change.