September 2015 Maple Grove Magazine

In the September issue learn about mixology with seven tatalizing cocktail, get some autumn skincare advice from two local experts and see how re-purposed materials can come together to improve your yard.

Lisa Willey of Maple Grove got a little more than she bargained for when snapping some photos of her daughter playing in their backyard. She happened to capture some amphibious wildlife as well.


The quest for the perfect cocktail is an adventure not to be missed. Maple Grove has a veritable cornucopia of restaurants that are well-versed in the art of mixology. Each of our picks is exquisitely made and sure to please.


Congratulations to our newest Ambassadors, who were recently crowned. See a few who attended the event.


July was full of fun during the Maple Grove Days celebration which featured an annual show that spotlights a rather “sticky” form of fashion, all made from duct tape.


With a championship trophy in hand, the Maple Grove High School dance team is ready to jump into a new season. To lead things off, the team is hosting its annual Taste of Maple Grove Festival in an effort to raise funds for this growing powerhouse.


Rebecca Keran has always wanted the perfect backyard. When she and her family moved into their Brooklyn Park home four years ago, she began planning her own outdoor paradise.


Great fashion design knows no age.

In today’s world, fashions are likely to cross generations. You might find the same basic pieces that a 21-year-old would wear also being worn by a 51-year old—albeit with different styling and accessories.


Glass art, or glass blowing, is an art form that dates back centuries. Glass blowing uses quartz sand, which is heated to extremely high temperatures and transforms into hot, liquid glass. The molten glass can be molded and shaped into a wide variety of unique pieces.


Trees grow in one place, sometimes for centuries, watching as generations and communities grow and change around them. When Maple Grove was first settled in the 1850s, it was part of the Big Woods: centuries-old maple, oak, elm and basswood that covered tens of thousands of acres of Minnesota.


Minnesota summers can wreak havoc on skin: The beaming sun, dewy temps and a forgetful attitude are a recipe for damaged, dried-out skin. As we bid farewell to summer and gear up for fall, it’s important to have the proper armor to keep skin healthy and hydrated.


For many, the task of de-cluttering, organizing, or packing for a big move is exhausting. But for Jerome LaRochelle and Colleen and Erick Osburn, it’s all in a day’s work.


Mary Nelson and her husband, Tom, enjoyed time in the warm, sunny weather of Maroma Beach, Mexico, during the January cold spell back home.


Along with new and ever-expanding fitness courses, personal trainer Ally Lodholz offers classes that exercise the mind.


The Maple Grove Camille Albane Paris Salon, on Main Street, specializes in a unique hair painting technique called balayage (which means "sweeping" in French), meant to emulate the light and reflections of the sun.


With a record-shattering turnout in April’s Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop, local stores were able to tie together a whopping $37,500 for area food shelves, including Maple Grove-based CROSS.


Come on down to Oak View Elementary School and get ready to swing your partner ‘round and ‘round.


The iconic diner-style home cooking that Henry Lange and his crew have made famous in the Maple Grove area has been given the space that it deserves.


Hot. Stinging. Burning. Gritty. These are all descriptions of the sensation felt when experiencing dry eye syndrome (DES).


Women of Maple Grove, mark your calendars for Thursday, October 1, for the annual Girls’ Night Out, sponsored by the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes. All proceeds benefit Hope Chest for Breast Cancer, a local organization that assists financially challenged breast cancer patients.


With an extensive travel history that includes more than 35 countries, Maple Grove resident Jennifer Carnahan has now made a name for herself on the Minneapolis fashion scene.