Keeping Maple Grove Storm Drains Clean

Strategies to keep lakes clean include storm drain upkeep.

As the mercury rises and air-conditioning units work double-time, there is no better way to beat the heat than by taking a dip in one of Maple Grove’s public lakes. Even with sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, it’s easy to take for granted our local lakes. Becky Fahrenbruch, president of the Eagle Lake Preservation Association, believes we can all play a role in keeping our lakes in top-notch condition by paying attention to nearby storm drains. “Everything that enters a storm drain in Maple Grove will eventually make its way into the nearby lakes, streams and wetlands in our area,” Fahrenbruch says.

You can make a difference by “adopting” a local storm drain; taking proactive efforts to keep it clear of leaves, seeds, grass clippings and fertilizers, especially before and after periods of heavy rainfall.