Kokedama Gardening Needs No Containers and Cuts Down on Watering Time

by | Jun 2019

An example of Kokedama gardening, or string gardening, where moss and string hold the soil around a plant in place.

Photo: Christina Timm

Are you looking for a new garden technique to try this summer? Why not try a Kokedama String Garden, a Japanese method of gardening? A ball of soil is covered in moss from which an ornamental plant or house plant can grow—no container necessary! Moss and string hold the soil around the plant’s root system. This garden style is recommended for leafy house plants. The moss helps lock in moisture, cutting down on watering time.

To start, gain experience by shaping a smaller form around the root system, which will help when upgrading to larger plants. Also, be sure to select a wax-coated string. The wax will help decrease excess moisture and wear and tear on the strength of your string.

Contributed by Christina Timm, Lynde Greenhouse and Nursery


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