April 2012

Gardens | Anchormen

Dining in the Dark is about to land in Minneapolis for the first time, and Maple Grove resident Julie Anderson is leading the charge.


Pam Corlett takes her camera whenever she goes outside to tend her garden or relax on the patio. She likes to take shots close-up because they reveal intricate patterns and sometimes the unexpected ant or dragonfly amongst the blooms.


So long to braised short ribs, Bolognese and beef stew. It’s time for spring! We have visions of salads and flatbreads and quiche dancing through our heads. We also have the lowdown on a variety of dishes from local restaurants that’ll have you feeling ready for the onset of the spring season.


The Studio at Rush Creek hosts art classes for adults that create both classy and glassy results.


As the signs of spring set in, you may be itching to start planting, but take some sage advice from two local master gardeners who recommend using this month to get ready for the approaching growing season. There is plenty to be done. Grab your gloves and let the season begin!


Laurie Whitt had a motto, a philosophy that guided her during her much-too-short life that spanned a mere 47 years: Live, Laugh, Love. But unlike most folks who only give those words lip service, she actually lived it. 


Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

Recommended by librarian Nina Shimmin for children


Stone Ruination IPA; $6.99 a 22 ounce bomber


On May 5, Friends of the Angel members and others from the Maple Grove community will walk as a tribute to the loved ones they have lost.


Maple Grove resident Scott Dorn doesn’t take his exercise routine lightly. He’s in the gym five days a week for an hour without fail and maintains a strict diet on top of that. Dorn isn’t just your average athlete, though.


If wellness were a tripod, its three legs would be mind, body and soul. Maple Grove is home to a specialist in each category, and lucky for us, their willing to share their wisdom. 




Osseo Area Schools has joined the elite company of Adobe, Verizon, Intel and the Public Broadcasting Systems.


It was a rocky beginning for Ted and Cindy Kopacek. After buying a half acre lot on Lake Edwards in 1994, they set out to build a house and deal with the steep, 30-foot slope down to the lake.


Four grown men are arguing over who would win in a back-alley brawl between their respective employers at Maple Grove’s Starbucks Coffee at 8 a.m. on a Thursday.  They fire shots back and forth over the table in an endless barrage of colleague namedrops.