March 2013

Lions Club Community Action | Hardworking Maple Grove Employees

Baby Greta seems ever prepared for her close up.
Saturday morning TV favorites come alive onstage at Beacon Academy.
Professional learning centers help challenged and accelerated learners improve academic achievement.
Local artist makes an impression in the sports field.
Maple Grove Energy Hockey team players live amongst the community for whom they play.
How a local boutique becomes church overnight.
A Maple Grove woman takes the Steele Fitness Challenge.
Locals open a café and espresso shop in Maple Grove.
One woman makes mundane switch plates into stylish décor.
Online students serve in the real world.
Local girl earns silver medal in regional competition.
What some see as disability, others see as strength.
Indoor sport courts are a hot trend for some luxury homebuyers.
Meet two hardworking individuals who keep Maple Grove humming.
30 men began with a desire to help. 50 years later their actions reverberate throughout the Maple Grove community.