The Maple Grove Government Center Never Looked So Good

by | Aug 2019

A shot of the Maple Grove Government Center reflected in a nearby body of water.

Photo: Guiyun Qu

Local photographer captures the Maple Grove Government Center at sunset for our photo contest.

Government never looked so good, thanks to Guiyun Qu’s photo Maple Grove Government, which won first place in our City Landmarks category in the Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

What inspired you to take this photo?
This photo was taken at approximately 8:17 p.m. [when] the sunset had just started that day. It was a beautiful lighting over the water. The mirror effect inspired me to capture the moment.

What type of camera did you use when taking the photo?
The iPhone 7 plus. It is convenience!

Do you typically take photos of architecture, or do you have other favorite subjects to photograph?
Yes, I love to take pictures of buildings, structures and landscapes. I also love to take photos of birds in motion, airplanes taking off and landing, and flowers.

If you could photograph any building in the world, what would it be, and why?
[The Louvre Museum in Paris] because it’s rich in history, culture and heritage. It will leave me both enlightened and inspired. [I’d like to] view the famous Mona Lisa in all her glory and the Louvre Pyramid [by Chinese-American architect I. M. Pei].


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