Maple Grove Magazine's Top 10 Most Popular Stories of 2019

Maple Grove Magazine Top 10 Stories of 2019
As we look back on 2019, we're reflecting on the stories you—our readers—loved most.

Twelve months, 12 issues, hundreds of stories about the people, places and events that make Maple Grove such a special community. As we look back on 2019, we're reflecting on the stories you—our readers—loved most. These were the top 10 most-read stories on last year—revisit them (or catch up on what you missed) and be sure to share your favorites on social media!


Joe Demko

  1. Meet Maple Grove Music Man Joe Demko

    Joe Demko of Maple Grove never attended college, but he has received a priceless, Ph.D.-level education in music and the music business from many teachers—like Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Benny Goodman, Willie Murphy and Bruce Henry.

    Monica Rampetsreiter

  2. Prep Elite: Monica Rampetsreiter is 'Everything One Could Hope for in a Student'
    Providence Academy's Monica Rampetsreiter is on the National Honor Society, a varsity athlete and a multi-instrumentalist. And with all her free time, she volunteers.

    Dan Greer
  3. Maple Grove Dad Starts YouTube Channel to Help Aspiring Home Cooks

    Dan Greer’s a normal guy. He’s a dad and husband with a full-time job in sales. But he also has a decade of professional cooking under his belt.

    Steffany Fleming

  4. Maple Grove Resident Steffany Fleming Has Made a Career Out of Helping Others

    It’s one thing to have a passion for helping others; it’s quite another to make a career out of it.

    Maple Grove home remodel

  5. DIY Renovation Takes Maple Grove Home from Dated to Dazzling

    The Smiths turned a mismatched space into a cohesive, modern living quarters with a little DIY home renovation magic.

    Maple Grove chain gang

  6. These 4 Dads Are on the Sideline at Every Maple Grove Football Game

    Though their children have long since graduated from Maple Grove Senior High, these four dads stay connected to the community via some sideline fun.

    Abby Jimenez

  7. Nadia Cakes Owner Abby Jimenez Pens Infertility Romance Novel 'The Friend Zone'

    A young woman, struggling with fertility, meets an eligible fireman, and the duo clicks. But when she discovers he wants a large family, something she can never give him, she refuses to date him. Welcome to The Friend Zone from author Abby Jimenez.

    Jason DeRusha

  8. Where WCCO Anchor Jason DeRusha Eats

    Where’s Jason DeRusha? If he’s not co-anchoring WCCO This Morning weekdays from 4:30—7 a.m. and WCCO Mid-Morning from 9—10 a.m., he’s serving as the station’s food reporter, producing DeRusha Eats, or penning his food critiques for Minnesota Monthly.

    World Taekwondo Academy

  9. World Taekwondo Academy's Grandmaster Uses Athletic Gifts to Give Back

    As the head instructor at World Taekwondo Academy, Eui Young Lee has always extended himself beyond the limitations of his role in Maple Grove.

    The Rib Cage

  10. 'The Best Ribs I Ever Had': Make Roadside Stand The Rib Cage Your Next BBQ Destination

    For barbecue lovers, this mobile roadside stand, huddled unassumingly on the edge of a gas station parking lot on County Road 81 just east of Brockton Lane North, is a must-stop destination.