Beautox Bar

Working to restore your face’s original shape and proportions can be difficult, but the latest fads in aesthetic beauty would say otherwise. Turning back the clock, Botox and fillers have transformed the world of beauty and have provided a simple solution to regain a youthful look.

For many Minnesotans, the beach and lakes provide a great source of summer fun. After all, we aren’t the land of 10,000 lakes for nothing. For the water-lovers of Maple Grove, the end of summer can be marked by the closing of local beaches.

The Gold Award is the highest award that a girl can achieve in Girls Scouts and requires a significant time commitment for an 11th- or 12th-grader. More than 100 River Valleys Girl Scouts earned their Gold Award this year.

Carol Brendal was a student patrol in sixth grade. All grown up, Brendal still helps kids cross the street. She’s been a crossing guard for seven years, guiding students through the intersection of 101 and 89th on their way to and from Rush Creek Elementary School.

Watching Wren was awarded first place in Maple Grove Magazine’s Focus on Maple Grove photo contest. It is also the first photograph amateur photographer, Brigid Gress, captured with her Nikon P510. Gress loves taking wildlife pictures and purchased the camera for its extended zoom.

Bob Simenson has seen a lot of firsts. After 20 years of training, Simenson has become the first student at USA Karate in Maple Grove to achieve Master rank.

Andrew Dumbauld, 8, saw the turtle waddling in the grass. Calm, collected, he knew what to do, because he had done it once before: He picked it up. “It feels really nice to pick up a turtle.” says Andrew.

Have some fun with your girlfriends and head on over to every store that participates in Girl’s Time. Put together by the Oilerie, ladies can choose to visit 22 or more Maple Grove Stores for free gifts, discounts, demos, specials and prizes.

What does a Grammy nominated, Gold and Platinum Award winning producer-artist-remixer who hosts a syndicated radio show listen to at home? Well, Maple Grove’s own Howard Kessler says “You never know what will come out of the speakers.

Maple Grove resident and caricature artist, Lisa Chudyba is inspired by people’s faces. In fact, she has a tendency to automatically see new faces as caricatures and gets excited to draw them.

The man talks fast and his brain moves even faster. He’s a math and science wiz who calculates the latest weather forecast and translates it into language that lets us know what to wear on any given day and what to be prepared for during the morning commute.