This Photographer’s Favorite Outdoor Photo Spot? Her Own Backyard

by | Apr 2019

Nature photograph, flowers, peony, raindrops, photography, Focus on Maple Grove

Photo: Sarah Derosier

Taking photos in her yard are a few of Sarah DeRosier’s favorite things.

Sarah DeRosier’s After Rain Bud placed third in our Nature and Wildlife category for the annual Focus on Maple Grove photo contest.

“I took that photo in my backyard,” DeRosier says. “I have always loved the rain. The way raindrops just happen to sit perfectly after a downpour or shower, and the way they reflect the light fascinates me.”

While the area serves up many venues, ideal for photography, DeRosier has identified a spot of her own. “My favorite place to take pictures outdoors is close to home, in my backyard,” she says. “If I happen to be out and inspiration hits, I have my camera close in order to grab a quick shot.”

As spring emerges, be sure to capture some of the area’s awakening wildlife and nature scenes. Remember to submit them to our annual photo contest, which runs the month of August.


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